In Situ Aerosol Station

The GOA-UVA in situ measurement station is currently located at Covilhã, Portugal, in the frame of the cooperation of our group with Dr. Sandra Mogo, of Universidade de Beira Interior.

This Laboratory-station has the following instruments:
– 3-wavelength nephelometer (TSI company) to measure the scattering coefficient of particles
– Absorption photometer, PSAP (Particle Soot Absorption Photometer) of 3 wavelengths to continuously measure the aerosol absorption coefficient
– Aerosol Particle Spectrometer (APS) of TSI company, to measure the size distribution of particles in the range between 0.5-20 μm
– Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) of TSI to measure the total number concentration of particles up to 10 μm.
– Meteorological station.
– Integrating sphere spectral photometer,developed by GOA-UVa, to determine the aerosol absorption coefficient using quartz filters in the spectral range from 350 to 800 nm.

Full description and data of this laboratory are provided in the web page of the GOA-UVa in situ measurement station.



View outside of the in-situ station


Rack with instruments inside the container

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